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Nitrous Acid Mutation of Transforming DNA: Consideration of Mode of Action

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Science  18 Jun 1965:
Vol. 148, Issue 3677, pp. 1576
DOI: 10.1126/science.148.3677.1576-b


In the report "Nitrous acid mutation of transforming DNA: Consideration of mode of action," by S. H. Goodgal and E. H. Postel (21 May, p. 1095), centered subheadings in both tables are transposed. In Table 1, the subheadings should have read H. influenzae and H. parainfluenzae, respectively, instead of H. parainfluenzae, and H. influenzae; in Table 2, the subheadings should have read H. parainfluenzae and H. influenzae, respectively, instead of the reverse. In addition, the sentence beginning on page 1097, column 2, line 22, should read "On the other hand, the deamination of adenine to hypoxanthine would be consistent with the results since hypoxanthine could function like quanine." The original sentence implied the opposite.