Nonspecific Binding of Complement by Digestion Fragments from Antiviral Gamma Globulin

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Science  02 Jul 1965:
Vol. 149, Issue 3679, pp. 84-85
DOI: 10.1126/science.149.3679.84


The nonspecificity of rabbit γ-globulin (antibody) to western equine encephalitis virus and the non-specificity of normal rabbit γ-globulin in complement-fixation tests with anti-gens prepared from chick-embryo cells infected with this virus and normal chick-embryo cells resided primarily in Porter's fragment III. Addition of complement to fragment III from the anti-body globulin, followed by inactivation of the added complement, abolished the complement-fixing ability of fragment III with both specific and nonspecific antigens. Similar treatment of the undigested antibody abolished its complement-fixing ability with nonspecific antigen only.