Titanium Dioxide in Pyroclastic Layers from Volcanoes in the Cascad Range

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Science  19 Nov 1965:
Vol. 150, Issue 3699, pp. 1022-1025
DOI: 10.1126/science.150.3699.1022


Rapid determinations of titanium dioxide have been made by x-ray emission techniques to evaluate the potentiality of using the TiO2 content of samples for checking field correlations and assisting in identification of pyroclastic units from Cascade volcanoes. Preliminary data suggest that the two most wide-spread units have characteristic ranges of TiO2 content and that other, less extensive layers have ranges which, though characteristic, often overlap the ranges of the more widespread layers. Relative to fresh samples,. weathered samples from B and C soil horizons are enriched in TiO2.