Liver Carcinogenesis by Diethylnitrosamine in the Rat

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Science  01 Apr 1966:
Vol. 152, Issue 3718, pp. 83-85
DOI: 10.1126/science.152.3718.83


Diethylnitrosamine was continuously administered to rats at a dose rate of low toxicity. Ninety-two percent of the animals died with multicentrical hepatocellular carcinomata within a narrow and highly reproducible time interval. Discontinuing the carcinogen during the experiment resulted in a prolonged median time until death, a reduced tumor yield, and a lessened slope of the dose-response curve. Partial hepatectomy after discontinuation of the drug did not change either tumor yield or time of death. The obtained dose-response relationships support the concept that carcinogenic effects of single doses are irreversible and cumulative. Daily, low-dose, total-body x-irradiation had no significant effect on the response of rat liver to the carcinogen.