Immunochemical Studies of Submicrosomal Membranes from Liver of Normal and Phenobarbital-Treated Rats

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Science  06 May 1966:
Vol. 152, Issue 3723, pp. 780-782
DOI: 10.1126/science.152.3723.780


Rabbit antiserums were prepared against three submicrosomal fractions from liver of normal or phenobarbital-treated rats. The two membrane fractions originating from the rough- and smooth-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum were characterized by the same soluble antigens, with the exception of a highly basic coinponent present only in extracts of rough membranes. The third fraction, whose subcellular origin is unknown, was different. It contained at least two typical marker antigens not present in the other fractions. Of eight tissue antigens common for the endoplasmic reticulum, five displayed nonspecific esterase activity. Some of these esterases were also found in other organs, but none was seen in rat serum. Phenobarbital treatment of the rats led to a rise in activity and characteristic changes in the esterase patterns of all these submicrosomal liver fractions.