Glycogen Content in the Wood-Boring Isopod, Limnoria lignorum

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Science  09 Sep 1966:
Vol. 153, Issue 3741, pp. 1262-1264
DOI: 10.1126/science.153.3741.1262


The glycogen content of the isopod, Limnoria lignorum, ranges from 2.01 to 3.44 percent of its dry weight. Starvation of the animal for I week results in a decrease of the glycogen content by about 68 percent. Measurements of its oxygen consumption indicate that sufficient carbohydrate, probably its sole source of energy, is oxidized daily to meet the carbon requirements. The infestation zone of Limnoria is restricted to the surface of submerged wood, since this isopod borer, unlike the molluscan borers, does not have a glycogen reserve sufficient to meet prolonged periods of anaerobiosis.