Antibodies to photoproducts of Deoxyribonucleric Acids Irradiated with Ultraviolet Light

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Science  30 Sep 1966:
Vol. 153, Issue 3744, pp. 1666-1667
DOI: 10.1126/science.153.3744.1666


A rabbit immunized with complexes of methylated bovine serum albumin and ultraviolet-irradiated DNA from calf thymus produced antibodies directed toward the photoproducts in the DNA. Serologic activity appeared after irradiation of DNA at 270 mµ and decreased upon irradiation at 235 mµ. The antigenic determinants of the ultraviolet-treated DNA appear to be photoproducts associated primarily with thymine, as measured by direct dependence of serologic activity on the adenine-thymine content of the DNA, and by inhibition of the Serlolgic reaction by the irradiated di-,tri-,and tetra-(thymidine-5'-phosphate nucleotides.