Ethical Issues in Research with Human Subjects

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Science  06 Jan 1967:
Vol. 155, Issue 3758, pp. 47-51
DOI: 10.1126/science.155.3758.47


It is obvious that many disciplines confront ethical problems in research in which situational details may vary, but in which the same ethical principles may prevail. I write not in order to propose a definitive set of rules but to demonstrate how situations posing ethical problems can be reduced and more readily resolved by rational analysis of underlying issues and principles; I hope to stimulate further analysis and dialogue. It might be particularly helpful if researchers in a wide range of disciplines contributed experiences permitting a sharpening of guidelines. Finally, it is conceivable that a code of ethics might eventually be promulgated by a supradisciplinary body such as the AAAS, and that such a code could then be adapted and adopted by other scientific bodies and professional organizations—even by specific agencies such as research institutes, clinics, institutions, and schools.