Growth and Sporulation of a Pyrimidine Spore Color Mutant of Sordaria fimicola

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Science  07 Apr 1967:
Vol. 156, Issue 3771, pp. 88-90
DOI: 10.1126/science.156.3771.88


A nonautonomous spore color mutant of Sordaria fimicola is a pyrimidine auxotroph that produces hyaline nonviable ascospores. Uracil, uridine, and cytidine are more effective growth factors than cytosine and thymine and, in high concentrations, render the mutant self-fertile by inducing the ascospores to resume development and maturation. Crosses with the unlinked arginine non-autonomus spore color mutant st-59 yielded the double mutant st-59 pyr that requires both arginine and a pyrimidine for growth, which indicates a lack of suppression of the pyrimidine requirement by the arginine locus.