Oxygen Isotopes: Experimental Vapor Fractionation and Variations in Tektites

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Science  09 Jun 1967:
Vol. 156, Issue 3780, pp. 1357-1358
DOI: 10.1126/science.156.3780.1357


High-temperature (about 2800°C) vapor fractionation of a silicate glass that originally contained 82 percent by weight of SiO2 resulted in a decrease of the silica content to 45 percent. Oxygen isotope analyses show that the O18/O16 ratio increased from 13.80 per mil in the starting material to 14.47 and 15.03 per mil in the residuum. This suggests that bediasites, which also exhibit an increase in this ratio with decreasing content of silica, have been subjected to a process of vapor fractionation.