Archosaurian Reptiles: A New Hypothesis on Their Origins

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Science  04 Aug 1967:
Vol. 157, Issue 3788, pp. 565-568
DOI: 10.1126/science.157.3788.565


The characteristics of the first archosaurs, the proterosuchian thecodonts, show that neither of the supposed common ancestors of archosaurs and lepidosaurs could actually be an ancestor of archosaurs. Instead, the evidence seems to indicate that the archosaurian ancestors are probably in the ophiacodont-varanopsid group of the pelycosaurian synapsids. In particular, the Varanopsidae are strongly indicative of proterosuchian relationships, as they have evolved some characters which are elsewhere found only in archosaurs. Archosaurs and lepidosaurs apparently have different origins; the former come from the pelycosaurs, and the latter come from the captorhinomorph cotylosaurs through the Millerettiformes.