Persistence of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Insecticides in Soils

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Science  25 Aug 1967:
Vol. 157, Issue 3791, pp. 924-927
DOI: 10.1126/science.157.3791.924


The percentages of technical aldrin, chlordane, endrin, heptachlor, Dilan, isodrin, BHC, and toxaphene remaining in Congaree sandy loam soil after 14, years were 40, 40, 41, 16, 23, 15, 10, and 45, respectively; those of purified aldrin and technical dieldrin after 15 years were 28 and 31, respectively; and the percentage of technical DDT in three soils after 17 years was 39. Treatments and maintenance of the soils were such that leaching, volatilization, photodecomposition, mechanical removal, and probably biological decomposition were at a minimum. These values may approach an upper limit of persistence of insecticides in soil.