Detergent-Solubilized RNA Polymerase from Cells Infected with Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus

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Science  08 Dec 1967:
Vol. 158, Issue 3806, pp. 1320-1322
DOI: 10.1126/science.158.3806.1320


The foot-and-mouth disease virus RNA polymerase complex was dissociated from cellular membranes with deoxycholate in the presence of dextran sulfate. The soluble polymerase complex was active in the cell-free synthesis of virus-specific RNA; solubilization of the complex permitted direct analysis of the cell-free reaction mixtures without recourse to RNA extraction. A major RNA-containing component found early during cell-free incubation ranged from approximately 140 to 300S. The final major products of the cell-free system were 37S virus RNA, 20S ribonuclease-resistant RNA, and a 50S component containing RNA.