Hydroxy-L-proline- and 2,2'-Dipyridyl-Induced Phenovariations in the Liverwort Nowellia curvifolia

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Science  11 Dec 1970:
Vol. 170, Issue 3963, pp. 1218-1220
DOI: 10.1126/science.170.3963.1218


Two antagonists of "normal" proline-hydroxyproline-protein synthesis, 2,2'-dipyridyl and hydroxy-L-proline, induced the same kind of phenovariation in Nowellia curvifolia (Dicks) Mitt. (Cephaloziaceae) as they do in Scapania nemorosa (Scapaniaceae). This finding supports a hypothesized cardinal role for proline-hydroxyproline-protein in modulating aspects of morphogenesis and phylogeny in the leafy liverworts.