Southern Corn Leaf Blight: Susceptible and Resistant Mitochondria

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Science  02 Jul 1971:
Vol. 173, Issue 3991, pp. 67-69
DOI: 10.1126/science.173.3991.67


Mitochondria isolated from etiolated shoots of blight-susceptible and blight-resistant corn plants were subjected, in various respiratory states, to the pathotoxin released by Helminthosporium maydis (race T). The addition of the pathotoxin to susceptible mitochondria caused respiratory rate and oxidative phosphorylation changes. The addition of pathotoxin to susceptible mitochondria suspended in a potassium chloride reaction medium induced an immediate and irreversible swelling regardless of the respiratory state of the mitochondria. This membrane swelling correlates with the observed respiratory and coupling effects of the pathotoxin. In all instances, mitochondria isolated from blightresistant corn failed to exhibit any of the above responses to the pathotoxin.