Human Red Blood Cells: Prostaglandin E2, Epinephrine, and Isoproterenol Alter Deformability

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Science  29 Oct 1971:
Vol. 174, Issue 4008, pp. 512-514
DOI: 10.1126/science.174.4008.512


The human red blood cell responds to prostaglandin E2, epinephrine, and isoproterenol with a decrease in deformability. The maximum decrease is brought about by 10-10M prostaglandin E2, 10-9M epinephrine, or 10-7M isoproterenol. The dose response curve is biphasic. The sensitivity of the red cell to prostaglandin suggests that this cell may be a primary target for prostaglandin action. These changes in response to vasoactive substances indicate that the red cell must be considered an active element in circulatory control.