Mammary Carcinoma: A Specific Biochemical Defect in Autonomous Tumors

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Science  21 Jan 1972:
Vol. 175, Issue 4019, pp. 335-336
DOI: 10.1126/science.175.4019.335


Rat mammary carcinoma (R3230AC) which does not regress after ovariectomy has a markedly reduced amount of cytoplasmic estradiol binding protein. Cytoplasm from the tumor fails to interact with estradiol sufficiently to permit estradiol binding to tumor chromatin. This defect can be corrected in vitro by substituting cytoplasm, containing the binding protein, from rat uterus, thus permitting estradiol binding to tumor chromatin. The results indicate that the hormonal autonomy of this carcinoma is due to a lack of estradiol binding protein and not to the inability of estradiol to interact with the cell genome.