Replamineform: A New Process for Preparing Porous Ceramic, Metal, and Polymer Prosthetic Materials

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Science  26 May 1972:
Vol. 176, Issue 4037, pp. 922-924
DOI: 10.1126/science.176.4037.922


The replamineform process (meaning replicated life forms) is a technique for duplicating the microstructure of carbonate skeletal components in ceramic, metal, or polymer materials. The special pore structures of marine invertebrate skeletal materials such as echinoid spines and corals, which are difficult or impossible to create artificially, can thus be copied in useful materials. Of immediate interest is the possibility of using these replicated microstructures in the fabrication of orthopedic prosthetic devices. By means of this technique, prosthetic materials having a controlled pore microstructure for optimum strength and tissue ingrowth may be obtained.