Ragweed Hay Fever: Genetic Control and Linkage to HL-A Haplotypes

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Science  15 Dec 1972:
Vol. 178, Issue 4066, pp. 1201-1203
DOI: 10.1126/science.178.4066.1201


Clinical ragweed pollenosis (hay fever) and IgE antibody production specific for antigen E (the major purified protein antigen from ragweed pollen extract) correlated closely with HL-A haplotypes in successive generations of seven families. HL-A associated IgE antibody responsiveness was antigen specific and extended also to IgE antibody production. These data indicate an immune response (Ir) gene specific for antigen E necessary but not sufficient for the development of hay fever. This appears to be the first documentation of an Ir gene in man.