Bottom Currents in the Hudson Canyon

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Science  13 Apr 1973:
Vol. 180, Issue 4082, pp. 181-183
DOI: 10.1126/science.180.4082.181


In-place measurements of the bottom currents in the Hudson Canyon reveal that the current regime is characterized by a pronounced reversal of flow up and down the canyon. Velocities are commonly of the order of 8 to 15 centimeters per second, reaching 27 centimeters per second on occasion in the upper and central portion of the canyon. Although α 2.5-day recording of currents showed a net transport upcanyon, a combination of 66 current measurements from the submersible Alvin, the analysis of sediment texture and organic carbon, and the determination of the benthic fauna-nutrient relationship indicate that over the long term there is a net transport of fine material through the canyon to the outer continenital rise.