Clarification of the Chemical Status of the Pink Bollworm Sex Pheromone

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Science  31 Aug 1973:
Vol. 181, Issue 4102, pp. 873-875
DOI: 10.1126/science.181.4102.873


Propylure, 10-n-propyl-trans-5,9-tridecadienyl acetate, and deet, N,N,-diethyl-m-tolumide, were previously reported as the sex pheromone and a sex pheromone activator, respectively, of the pink bollworm. Neither chemical in three extracts of female moth abdomen tips could be detected by gas-liquid chromatographic analysis. These compounds, alone or in combination, exhibited little or no biological activity in the laboratory or in the field. Hexalure, cis-7-hexadecenyl acetate, a synthetic attractant for pink bollworm males, could not be detected in female moth abdomen tip extracts. The pink bollworm sex pheromone was identified as a mixture of cis,cis and cis,trans isomers of 7,11-hexadecadienyl acetate.