Preliminary Infrared Radiometry of Venus from Mariner 10

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Science  29 Mar 1974:
Vol. 183, Issue 4131, pp. 1291-1292
DOI: 10.1126/science.183.4131.1291


The intensity of emission at 45 micrometers, measured with high spatial resolution along a single crossing of the Venus disk, is presented. On the average, the observed darkening toward the limb varies nearly linearly with the cosine of the emission angle. The brightness temperature, extrapolated to normal emission, is 255° K. The limb darkening curve, interpreted in a linear approximation, implies that the atmosphere is quite opaque, with an absorption coefficient of 0.24 per kilometer. Changes in curvature present in the limb darkening curve suggest the existence of thermal inhomogeneities with scale comparable to that of the dark markings shown by ultraviolet images.