Reoviruslike Agent in Stools: Association with Infantile Diarrhea and Development of Serologic Tests

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Science  20 Sep 1974:
Vol. 185, Issue 4156, pp. 1049-1053
DOI: 10.1126/science.185.4156.1049


Reoviruslike particles were visualized by electron microscopy in stool filtrates prepared from stools of infants and young children with severe acute gastroenteritis. Patients who had such particles in their stools and whose paired acute and convalescent serums were tested developed an antibody response to the reoviruslike agent, which was measured by immune electron microscopy and by complement fixation. The reoviruslike agent was antigenically related to the epizootic diarrhea of infant mice virus and the Nebraska calf diarrhea virus.