Carbohydrate deficiency of the factor VIII/von Willebrand factor Protein in von Willebrand's disease variants

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Science  02 Apr 1976:
Vol. 192, Issue 4234, pp. 56-59
DOI: 10.1126/science.1083071


Study of the normal human factor VIII/von Willebrand factor reveals a macromolecular glycoprotein composed of apparently identical subunits. This purified glycoprotein has procoagulant, antigen, and von Willebrand factor activities. In three patients with a variant of the von Willebrand's disease syndrome, their factor VIII/von Willebrand factor protein was present in normal amounts and had normal procoagulant and antigen activities; however, this protein was deficient in both carbohydrate and von Willebrand factor activity. The carbohydrate portion of the factor VIII/von Willebrand factor glycoprotein is of major importance in its interactions with platelets or the blood vessel wall, or both.