Solar Structure and Terrestrial Weather

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Science  21 May 1976:
Vol. 192, Issue 4241, pp. 745-748
DOI: 10.1126/science.192.4241.745


If there is indeed an effect of the variable sun on the weather, the physical cause for it remains quite elusive (12). We should keep in mind the possibility that there may be several causes and several effects. The situation may change through the 11-year sunspot cycle and the 22-year solar magnetic cycle, as well as on longer time scales.

Work is proceeding at a lively pace at the institutions mentioned in this article and at many others around the world. The Soviet Union has long had considerably more workers interested in this field than has any other country. A bilateral agreement between the Soviet Union and the United States has considerably increased the interactions between workers interested in this subject, including an exchange of extended visits between the two countries.

A detailed knowledge of solar causes of geomagnetic activity is only now beginning to emerge after many years of scientific efforts. This suggests that a possible successful solution to the sun-weather problem will require a similar magnitude of effort. We look forward with interest and optimism to the results of the next few years.