Dopamine-sensitive adenylate cyclase: location in substantia nigra

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Science  04 Feb 1977:
Vol. 195, Issue 4277, pp. 503-505
DOI: 10.1126/science.13499


A dopamine-sensitive adenylate cyclase with characteristics similar to those measured in the striatum is present in the rat substantia nigra. Destruction of dopamine cell bodies by intranigral 6-hydroxydopamine application failed to abolish the response of nigral adenylate cyclase to dopamine. In contrast, brain hemitransection between the striatum and substantia nigra, or a more circumscribed lesion of striatonigral pathways, abolished the dopamine stimulation of adenylate cyclase in the substantia nigra. These results suggest that dopamine receptors within the substantia nigra are not located on dopamine cell bodies but are associated with a pathway, containing gamma-aminobutyric acid or substance P, which projects from forebrain structures to the substantia nigra.