The status of the gene map of the human chromosomes

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Science  22 Apr 1977:
Vol. 196, Issue 4288, pp. 390-405
DOI: 10.1126/science.850784


In man, the specific chromosome that carries each of about 210 gene loci is known. These loci include at least one assigned to each chromosome (including the Y), about 110 assigned to specific autosomes, and about 100 to the X chromosome. For many loci, information on regional chromosomal localization is also available. The information comes mainly from studies in families and somatic cell hybrids, as well as an intgratsight of results from the two methods. Knowledge of the chromosome map gives insight into evolution, chromosomal organization in relation to genetic control mechanisms, and the pathogenesis of neoplasms and malformations. Furthermore, it is useful in prenatal or premorbid diagnosis of hereditary diseases.