Feline oncornavirus-associated cell membrane antigen: expression in transformed nonproducer mink cells

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Science  17 Jun 1977:
Vol. 196, Issue 4296, pp. 1336-1339
DOI: 10.1126/science.194310


The feline oncornavirus-associated cell membrane antigen (FOCMA) is a target for naturally occurring immunity that protects the cat against development of fibrosarcoma and leukemia. Feline sarcoma virus-transformed "nonproducer" mink cells express high levels of FOCMA, but not the major viral structural proteins. Transformation of the same cells by murine sarcoma virus, or infection with feline leukemia virus, which is nontransforming for epithelial or fibroblastic cells, did not induce FOCMA. Thus, FOCMA expression in mind lung cells is specifically associated with transformation by feline sarcoma virus.