Ozone Monitoring with an Infrared Heterodyne Radiometer

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Science  23 Sep 1977:
Vol. 197, Issue 4310, pp. 1275-1277
DOI: 10.1126/science.197.4310.1275


Measurements of the total burden and of the concentration versus altitude profiles of ozone have been made with a ground-based heterodyne radiometer at Pasadena, California. The measurements were made in the 9.5-micrometer wavelength region, where a strong ozone infrared absorption band exists. The radiometer measured solar absorption at selected wavelengths, with a spectral resolution of 0.001 reciprocal centimeter, equivalent to the half-width of an ozone absorption line at the 10-millibar altitude level. A carbon dioxide laser served as the local oscillator. This technique can be used to gather important data on both tropospheric and stratospheric ozone, which are not readily accessible with other remote-sensing techniques.