The code of the scientist and its relationship to ethics

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Science  18 Nov 1977:
Vol. 198, Issue 4318, pp. 699-705
DOI: 10.1126/science.910153


Scientist's norms (principally honesty, objectivity, tolerance, doubt of certitude, and unselfish engagement) are in danger of serious distortion unless broadened to apply to the relations between scientists and nonscientists. Also needing supplementation is an ethic of development appropriate to a fast-changing society and advanced as an approach to the more effective and humane regulation of cultural and technological development. Because of their genetic relationships the code of the scientist and the ethic of development are probably complementary and together may overcome the shortcomings of each taken separately. Taken together, furthermore, they indicate the possibility of a humane world order based on the cooperation of a community of scientists and its public.