North American Glacial History Extended to 75,000 Years Ago

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Science  07 Apr 1978:
Vol. 200, Issue 4337, pp. 16-21
DOI: 10.1126/science.200.4337.16


By concentrating carbon-14 through thermal diffusion, it is possible to extend the range of carbon-14 dating to 75,000 years ago. Samples with very low contamination levels have been encountered, and a reliable chronology appears possible. A Pacific Northwest climatic curve has been derived from palynological studies. The Pacific Northwest curve and the Great Lakes glacial history are age-calibrated by radiocarbon dating. The climatic patterns in the Pacific Northwest and Northwest Europe are similar in the early part of the last glaciation, with interstades near 60,000, 65,000, and 70,000 years ago. An age of 74,700 years for the St. Pierre interstade indicates a possible correlation with the previous interglacial.