United States Population Dose Estimates for Iodine-131 in the Thyroid After the Chinese Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Tests

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Science  07 Apr 1978:
Vol. 200, Issue 4337, pp. 44-46
DOI: 10.1126/science.200.4337.44-a


Analysis of samples collected within the United States after the Chinese atmospheric nuclear weapons tests of 26 September and 17 November 1976 indicates that the radiation dose to the thyroid from iodine-131 in milk was predominant. A U.S. population dose to the thyroid of 68,000 man-rads was calculated for the iodine-131 fallout. The four excess thyroid cancers that are estimated to occur as a result of the September test during the next 45 years will be masked by the 380,000 cases of thyroid cancer which are expected to occur in the United States from all causes during the same interval.