Cryoprecipitate reversal of opsonic alpha2-surface binding glycoprotein deficiency in septic surgical and trauma patients

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Science  18 Aug 1978:
Vol. 201, Issue 4356, pp. 622-624
DOI: 10.1126/science.675246


Human opsonic alpha2-surface binding glyoprotein (alphs2SB-glycoprotein), a molecule having immunologic identity with an amino acid composition similar to cold-insoluble globulin, is concentrated in a cryoprecipitate of plasma. Septic surgical and trauma patients manifesting opsonic alpha2SB-glycoprotein deficiency and associated reticuloendothelial system dysfunction were treated by intravenous infusion of cryoprecipitate. This therapy restored circulating bioreactive and immunoreactive opsonin and improved their septicemia, pulmonary insufficiency, and duration of recovery. Cryoprecipitate infusion may offer a new approach to the treatment of septic injured patients in preventing multiple organ failure; measurement of immuno-reactive serum opsonic alpha2SB-glycoprotein may provide a noninvasive index of reticuloendothelial system function and patient status during servere sepsis that follows trauma.