P-State Pairing and the Ferromagnetism of ZrZn2

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Science  01 Sep 1978:
Vol. 201, Issue 4358, pp. 828-829
DOI: 10.1126/science.201.4358.828


It is ascertained that, within the range of stability, the transition temperature of the superconducting solutions between Ti and Zr and between Zr and Hf, and the Curie point of the corresponding ferromagnetic solutions between TiZn2 and ZrZn2 and between ZrZn2 and HfZn2, follow a parallel behavior. From this correlation it is concluded that the weak itinerant ferromagnetism of ZrZn2 must be due to electron-phonon interaction. Theoretical arguments are advanced to show that the underlying mechanism is hindered p-state pairing, due to a strongly localized repulsive part of the pair-potential that acts as a Hubbard interaction and gives rise to a Stoner instability.