Economics of Wind Energy Use for Irrigation in India

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Science  03 Nov 1978:
Vol. 202, Issue 4367, pp. 481-486
DOI: 10.1126/science.202.4367.481


The production of energy from windmills designed specifically to operate in the low wind velocities that usually prevail in India during the main irrigation season is estimated to be reasonably economical for irrigating small farms from open wells. The economics would improve if irrigation was practiced all year round, even in the hot summer season. The calculations made here are expected to be valid for the windier 10 percent of the locations identified from available wind speed records. Other, windier locations are expected to be identified when more wind speed data are collected in the future. Governmental policies along lines similar to those for rural electrification may be needed to support research and development efforts to optimize the designs of windmills and to promote their use in rural areas.