Preliminary Results of the Pioneer Venus Small Probe Net Flux Radiometer Experiment

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Science  06 Jul 1979:
Vol. 205, Issue 4401, pp. 82-85
DOI: 10.1126/science.205.4401.82


Net radiation measurements in the atmosphere of Venus indicate that the bulk of the atmosphere is radiatively cooling at high latitudes and heating at low latitudes. Similarity of features observed by all three probes indicate planetwide stratification. Flux variations within the clouds provide evidence of significant differences in cloud structure. A feature of unusually large opacity found near 60 kilometers at the north probe site is probably related to the unique circulation regime revealed by ultraviolet and infrared imagery. A stable layer between the cloud bottoms and about 35 kilometers contains several features in the flux profiles probably resulting from large-scale compositional stratifications rather than clouds. In the layer below 35 kilometers unexpectedly large fluxes were observed.