Inflammatory toxin from Mycoplasma bovis: isolation and characterization

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Science  29 May 1981:
Vol. 212, Issue 4498, pp. 1032-1033
DOI: 10.1126/science.7233196


An inflammatory toxin was extracted from Mycoplasma bovis with 75 percent aqueous ethanol. The toxin is a complex polysaccharide composed of glucose, glucosamine or galactosamine, and a heptose, is heat-stable, devoid of protein and lipid, and has a molecular weight of 73,000. The holotoxin in the cell membrane is a glycoprotein; however, it is the polysaccharide portion that is toxic. This inflammatory toxin increases vascular permeability and is capable of activating complement. Infusion of 0.9 milligram of toxin into the bovine udder resulted in the characteristic eosinophilic mastitis produced by Mycoplasma bovine.