Instrumental control of cardioacceleration induced by central electrical stimulation

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Science  16 Oct 1981:
Vol. 214, Issue 4518, pp. 341-343
DOI: 10.1126/science.7280696


Each of four monkeys (Macaca mulatta) was operantly conditioned to slow and to speed heart rate through a shock-avoidance procedure. During these sessions, electrical brain stimulation that produced tachycardia and pressor responses was delivered on alternate, 64-second segments to one of several brain regions. All animals were able to attenuate the increases in heart rate produced by brain stimulation during the slowing sessions when posterior hypothalamic and striatal regions were stimulated but not when anterior hypothalamic or subthalamic areas were stimulated. During speeding or control sessions during which heart rate was monitored, brain stimulation continued to increase heart rate.