Isolation of human oncogene sequences (v-fes homolog) from a cosmid library

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Science  04 Jun 1982:
Vol. 216, Issue 4550, pp. 1136-1138
DOI: 10.1126/science.6281890


To define the human homolog (or homologs) of transforming sequences (v-fes gene) common to Gardner (GA) and Snyder Theilen (ST) isolates of feline sarcoma virus (FeSV), a representative library of human lung carcinoma DNA in a cosmid vector system was constructed. Three cosmid clones were isolated containing GA/ST FeSV v-fes homologous cellular sequences, within 32- to 42-kilobase cellular inserts representing 56 kilobases of contiguous human cellular DNA. Sequences both homologous to, and colinear with, GA or ST FeSV v-fes are distributed discontinuously over a region of up to 9.5 kilobases and contain a minimum of three regions of nonhomology representing probable introns. A thymidine kinase selection system was used to show that, upon transfection to RAT-2 cells, the human c-fes sequence lacked detectable transforming activity.