Multichannel Detection in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

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Science  15 Oct 1982:
Vol. 218, Issue 4569, pp. 241-246
DOI: 10.1126/science.218.4569.241


A linear photodiode array has been used as the photodetector element in a new ultraviolet-visible detection system for high-performance liquid chromatography. This array allows simultaneous acquisition of light intensity data at all wavelengths between 190 and 600 nanometers. By use of a computer network concept in the electronics, this detection system can process eight different chromatographic signals simultaneously in real time and acquire spectra manually or automatically. Detector response times are variable and can be as low as 0.040 second, and bandwidth selection is variable from 4 to 400 nanometers. These characteristics permit fast chromatographic techniques and user-selectable signal-to-noise ratio enhancement. Spectra can be acquired in 10 milliseconds, permitting qualitative characterization at several different points on a single peak without destroying chromatographic signal integrity. Examples illustrate applications in fast high-performance liquid chromatography peak purity determination, and postanalysis data reduction.