Amiloride directly inhibits the Na,K-ATPase activity of rabbit kidney proximal tubules

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Science  27 May 1983:
Vol. 220, Issue 4600, pp. 957-958
DOI: 10.1126/science.6302840


Amiloride inhibited the ouabain-sensitive rate of oxygen consumption (QO2) of a suspension of rabbit intact proximal tubules in the presence of different concentrations of extracellular sodium. Measurements of the ouabain-sensitive QO2 in the presence of nystatin, the tissue sodium and potassium contents of the tubules in suspension, and the sodium- and potassium-dependent adenosinetriphosphatase (Na,K-ATPase) activity of lysed tubule membranes indicated that the effect of amiloride was due to a direct inhibition of the Na,K-ATPase activity of the proximal tubule.