Postnatally induced formation of the corpus callosum in acallosal mice on glia-coated cellulose bridges

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Science  03 Jun 1983:
Vol. 220, Issue 4601, pp. 1067-1069
DOI: 10.1126/science.6844928


Developing axons of the corpus callosum of mice are guided across the cerebral midline by a slinglike glial structure that forms transiently between the hemispheres. If the "sling" is cut at precallosal stages, the would-be callosal fibers whirl into paired neuromas adjacent to the longitudinal cerebral fissure. In experiments on such surgically acallosal animals, the aberrant commissural axons maintained a potential to regrow across the hemispheres at prenatal and early postnatal stages if they were presented with a properly aligned, glia-covered scaffold spanning the hemispheres.