Inhibitors of poly(adenosine diphosphate-ribose) synthesis: effect on other metabolic processes

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Science  10 Feb 1984:
Vol. 223, Issue 4636, pp. 589-591
DOI: 10.1126/science.6420886


3-Aminobenzamide and benzamide, purported to be specific inhibitors of the synthesis of poly(adenosine diphosphate-ribose), were used to elucidate possible functions of this biopolymer. These compounds, at frequently used experimental concentrations, not only inhibited the action of poly(adenosine diphosphate-ribose) synthetase but also affected cell viability, glucose metabolism, and DNA synthesis. Thus, the usefulness of 3-aminobenzamide and benzamide may be severely restricted by the difficulty of finding a dose small enough to inhibit the synthetase without producing additional metabolic effects.