Volume and Heat Transports of the Florida Current: April 1982 Through August 1983

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Science  18 Jan 1985:
Vol. 227, Issue 4684, pp. 295-297
DOI: 10.1126/science.227.4684.295


Absolute velocity and temperature profiles are used to estimate the volume transport through the Straits of Florida and, in combination with historical midbasin data, to estimate the total meridional heat flux through a section at 27 °N. The mean annual volume transport of the Florida Current from April 1982 through August 1983 is 30.5 (± 1)x 106 cubic meters per second. The net northward heat flux through the 27°N section is 1.2 (± 0.1)x 1015 watts. The volume transport is characterized by high values in the late spring and early summer and low values in the late fall and early winter. There is a similar cycle in total heat flux.