A novel mechanism of somatic rearrangement predicted by a human T-cell antigen receptor beta-chain complementary DNA

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Science  07 Jun 1985:
Vol. 228, Issue 4704, pp. 1204-1206
DOI: 10.1126/science.3839095


The T-cell antigen receptor is a cell surface molecule vital in mediating the cellular immune response. The arrangement and rearrangement of the gene segments encoding the beta-chain polypeptide of the receptor are similar to those of immunoglobulin gene segments. The two constant region genes of the human T-cell antigen receptor are 8 kilobases apart with a cluster of joining segments located 5' of each constant region gene. Although most beta-chain gene rearrangements involve the variable, diversity, and joining segments, analysis of a beta-chain complementary DNA clone suggests the occasional occurrence of another type of rearrangement.