Cell-Autonomous Recognition of the Rust Pathogen Determines Rp1-Specified Resistance in Maize

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Science  08 Jul 1988:
Vol. 241, Issue 4862, pp. 208-210
DOI: 10.1126/science.241.4862.208


The Rp1 gene of maize determines resistance to the leaf rust pathogen Puccinia sorghi. X-ray treatment of heterozygous (Rp1 Oy/rp1 oy) maize embryos generated seedlings with yellow sectors lacking. Rp1. Yellow sectored seedlings inoculated with rust spores gave rust pustule formation in yellow (Rp1-lacking) sectors and hypersensitive resistance in green tissues, thereby demonstrating that the Rp1 gene product is cellautonomous in its action. In cases where the hypersensitive reaction was initiated in green (Rp1) tissue next to a yellow sector, the hypersensitive response appeared to be propagated poorly, if at all, through Rp1-lacking cells.