Oscillations of cytosolic sodium during calcium oscillations in exocrine acinar cells

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Science  15 Nov 1991:
Vol. 254, Issue 5034, pp. 1014-1016
DOI: 10.1126/science.1948071

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In acinar cells from rat salivary glands, cholinergic agonists cause oscillations in cytoplasmic free calcium concentration, which then drive oscillations of cell volume that reflect oscillating cell solute content and fluid secretion. By quantitative fluorescence ratio microscopy of an intracellular indicator dye for sodium, it has now been shown that large amplitude oscillations of sodium concentration were associated with the calcium and cell volume oscillations. Both calcium and sodium oscillations were dependent on the continued presence of calcium in the extracellular medium and were abolished by the specific sodium-potassium adenosine triphosphatase inhibitor ouabain. Thus, calcium oscillations in salivary acinar cells, by modulating the activities of ion transport pathways in the plasma membrane, can cause significant oscillations of monovalent ions that may in turn feed back to regulate calcium oscillations and fluid secretion.