Correlation Between Surface Free Energy and Surface Constitution

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Science  06 Mar 1992:
Vol. 255, Issue 5049, pp. 1230-1232
DOI: 10.1126/science.255.5049.1230


Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of alkylsiloxanes on elastomeric PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) were used as model systems to study interactions between surfaces. Surface free energies (γsv) of these chemically modified surfaces were estimated by measuring the deformations that resulted from the contact between small semispherical lenses and flat sheets of the elastomer under controlled loads. The measured surface free energies correlated with the surface chemical compositions of the SAMs and were commensurate with the values estimated from the measurements of contact angles. This study provides direct experimental evidence for the validity of estimates of the surface free energies of low-energy solids obtained from contact angles.