Neurotransmitter Release from Synaptotagmin-Deficient Clonal Variants of PC 12 Cells

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Science  26 Jun 1992:
Vol. 256, Issue 5065, pp. 1820-1823
DOI: 10.1126/science.256.5065.1820


Synaptotagmin (p65) is an abundant synaptic vesicle protein of neurons and contains regions similar to the regulatory domain of protein kinase C. These domains are thought to be involved in calcium-dependent interaction with membrane phospholipids during exocytosis. To assess the functional role of synaptotagmin, synaptotagmin-deficient clonal variants of PC12 cells were isolated. All of the variant cells released catecholamine and adenosine triphosphate in response to elevated intracellular concentrations of calcium, which suggests that synaptotagmin is not essential for secretion of catecholamine and adenosine triphosphate from PC12 cells.