Corrections and Clarifications

Corrections and Clarifications

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Science  11 Sep 1992:
Vol. 257, Issue 5076, pp. 1463
DOI: 10.1126/science.257.5076.1463


In Hilary Koprowski's letter of 21 August, "AIDS and the polio vaccine" (p. 1024), the reference numbers in the text were incorrect and the references and notes themselves were incorrectly numbered. In the text, reference 2 in paragraph 2 should have been to H. Koprowski, G. A. Jarvis, and T. W. Norton [Am. J. Hyg. 55, 108 (1952).] Reference 2 in paragraph 3 should have been numbered 3, and thereafter on page 1024 references and notes 3 through 10 should have been numbered 4 through 11 except in the last paragraph, where reference 11 should have been numbered 2. Reference 12 was correct. On page 1026, references and notes 11 through 24 should have been numbered 13 through 25, reference 8 should have been numbered 9, and reference 2 should have been numbered 3. The references and notes should have apappeared as follows.

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